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Split End Repair Serum

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Split tip repair serum enriched with iris and vanilla extract. Seals and repairs hair immediately, makes it healthy, shiny and fragrant. Directions for use: Apply to damp or dry hair. Then style as usual. From the laboratories of pH Pure Hair comes a new collection of professional products - a very special sensory experience for hair care. These treatments, refined by new, exquisite floral fragrances, give the hair new vitality. They celebrate the femininity of every woman to give her a unique, exclusive and unforgettable beauty ritual. A collection of end products for impeccable style. Gives it volume and shape, increases the shine of the hair and wraps it in a pleasant, intense and provocative fragrance.

Active ingredients: Iris is a perennial medicinal plant, whose main nutritional values are in the roots. From the root stock their precious active ingredients, and here above all the myristic acid are obtained. These active ingredients have always been known for their soothing, toning and protective cosmetic properties, which gives the hair a supple structure and a shiny appearance. Vanilla: Vanilla is an orchid native to Mexico and the tropical regions of the world. It has a balancing and soothing effect on the hair, making it shinier, silky and supple. The tips become more compact and the formation of split tips is prevented