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Smooth Perfect Shampoo

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Smoothing shampoo for frizzy and unruly hair. Enriched with monoi oil and magnolia extract. Delicate and fragrant consistency, cleans the hair and makes it smooth and silky. Directions for use: Apply to damp hair, massage in and rinse. Repeat application if necessary. From the laboratories of pH Pure Hair comes a new collection of professional products - a very special sensory experience for hair care. These treatments, refined by new, exquisite floral fragrances, give the hair new vitality. They celebrate the femininity of every woman to give her a unique, exclusive and unforgettable beauty ritual.

Smoothing treatment, strengthens the structure of frizzy and unruly hair, improves combability and significantly reduces the time required for styling. Active ingredients monoi oil: extracted from the flowers of the tiaré, this oil is rich in vitamin E with antioxidant effect, for reduced formation of free radicals and a slow down of the ageing process. It nourishes the hair, improves its structure and moisturises it as a conditioner. So it makes it shiny and supple, and improves combability.

It also has a protective effect and prevents the hair from becoming dry and brittle, especially when exposed to sun, wind and salt. Magnolia Extract: The beautiful flowers of magnolia have numerous cosmetic properties. These are due to the content of phenolic ingredients, especially magnolol and honokiol, particularly strong antioxidants with soothing, moisturising and elastic effect. They protect the capillary fibres and make the hair healthy and shiny